Flexible Employment Options

Tips & Techniques provides flexible employment for software experts with exceptional presentation talent seeking an opportunity to utilize their unique skill set. We offer a simple way for you to connect with businesses that need your software training expertise.

At Tips & Techniques, we offer practical, relevant tips and techniques onsite training presentations and live Web-based training with intelligence, empathy and passion. You design your software training presentation with the client's needs in mind, showcasing your unique, in-depth understanding of the product and highlighting the tips not documented in the typical instructional manuals. Our specialists create the training material and the session time options. Tips & Techniques clients register online for the classes you offer.

Are you a Google Apps Expert? Or maybe you are looking for a new way to leverage your in-depth Microsoft Sharepoint knowledge? Do you already offer software training or deployment services and would like another way to reach new clients? Tips & Techniques would love to hear from you!

We are offering software trainer employment in the following areas*:

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft SharePoint
Windows Server
Biz Talk
AutoCAD Developer
Visual Studio
Security and Storage
Google Apps

*This list is not comprehensive. Contact us with your training ideas.

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"As a Tips & Techniques Specialist, I am able to connect with more clients who need my specific expertise. I create my own presentation based on the client's need and manage my own hours. It's an ideal fit for someone who has expert technical knowledge and loves to share it."

David Edson
Tips & Techniques
Visio Specialist

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