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"Great business model. The classes are $995, paid for by a credit card. No long drawn out statement of work, legal contract etc. and it's guaranteed. If the evaluations don't rate the trainer at least a 7.5 out of 10, you don't pay. Even better you can have as many people in the class as you want. We're already planning the next round of training to use him for. If, like me, you want to do a better job educating users on the software you probably pay millions of dollars for"
- Rich Casselberry, Director of IT Operations at Enterasys
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"The Tips & Techniques presenter has the ability to present the software training material so it is easy to understand and has answers to all the questions without having to ponder. It definitely shows their expertise and technical knowledge and ability to translate to the common users."
- Phyliss Carpenter, Director of Operations, Consulting Firm

"Excellent Tips & Techniques presentation! The specialist was highly knowledgeable."
- Kimberly Parker, Manager, Finance Industry

"I enjoyed the Tips & Techniques session. It was informative and I will use some of these tools on a daily basis. Admittedly I was doing things the hard or long way."
- Denise Parmenter, Associate Director, Visio Training Attendee

"Great presentation. The 2 hour Tips & Techniques session was an excellent use of my time. The specialist was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. I can and will use these techniques immediately. Matt, thanks so much for helping us get up to speed so quickly."
- Joseph Schlam, Consultant SW Engineer

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The Tips & Techniques Answer
Tips & Techniques LLC connects software users with leading software experts who provide insightful, productivity-boosting training presentations.

We offer a low cost, high value alternative to traditional software training. Our experts come to your facility to demonstrate how to increase your productivity immediately with the top 20-40 tips and techniques for a wide variety of software programs. We can present onsite at your facility or via a web conference for teams in several locations.

Tips & Techniques specialists offer sessions in everything from Microsoft end-user applications - like Visio and Sharepoint training- to sophisticated development tools, in cities across the U.S. To make it more convenient for you, we provide a simple online process for you to schedule a session with the experts you need, when you need them. If you have questions before getting started with Tips & Techniques, call us at 1(888) 424-5215.

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